It’s booking season here in Edmonton and couple’s are on the hunt for their perfect wedding videographer! It can be a lot to take in at first, there’s so many styles and so many things to consider. But fear not! This post will help guide you to finding the videographer of your dreams (us, duh!).


1 || Make Sure Your Styles Match

This is *almost* thee most important thing on this list! When you reach out to a wedding cinematographer, make sure you’re in love with their style, because you’ll get exactly that in your wedding film. It’s always better to pay a little bit more to get a better product, than to pay less and get something you don’t absolutely love.

2 || Make Sure Your Personalities Match

We all have that one person from work no one likes right? Well imagine having that person with you all day on most important day of your life! It’s always best to meet your cinematographer before anything is signed!


wedding at St. Joseph's Basilica in Edmonton, Alberta


 3 || Look At Their Style Of Editing

Most cinematographers have a unique editing style. Some cinematographers edit the whole day in linear order, while others take some liberties and edit out of order. Both can be beautifully done. I edit more on the non-linear side, as it allows me to be more creative in making your wedding memories last a lifetime!


4 || Listen To The Songs They Use

Always make sure your cinematographer is using licensed music from a song licensing website. Music labels don’t like it when you use a popular song for free and might take your cinematographer to court for thousands of dollars. Purchasing a licensed song will make sure your wedding films will never get taken down by video hosting sites, and they stop your cinematographer from getting sued!


Lesbian wedding in Edmonton, Alberta


 5 || Listen To The Audio They Use

Audio of vows, speeches, first looks, and card readings is so so so important to crafting a story in your wedding film. Make sure your cinematographer uses the type of audio you like, otherwise you may end up with a wedding music video, and not a wedding film with emotion!


6 || Ask If They Have The Necessary Equipment 

Ask your cinematographer if they have the necessary equipment to capture what you’re wanting. Lots of cinematographers are at various points in their career, price can vary greatly between cinematographers because of this.


wedding first look in a greenhouse in Edmonton, Alberta


7 || Ask About Their Filming Process

Everyone knows planning a wedding is quite a process! You put lots of planning into your special day, and your cinematographer should put some planning in too. Always meet with your cinematographer at least a month before the big day and make sure filming times and locations are known to the both of you. It’ll make the day go so much smoother!

8 || Do They Use Lighting?

Lighting is such an important thing when it comes to any kind of film making. Many venues here in Edmonton get darker as the reception goes on, and by speeches time, it can be quite dark. A good wedding cinematographer will have lights that not only make everything visible, but also set a little bit of mood and atmosphere!


wedding videography Edmonton


9 || Be Weary If They Don’t Want To Meet In Person Or Talk On The Phone

I’ve heard a few horror stories from brides about cinematographers who go missing a month before the big day. One thing that they almost all have in common is they always communicated with them over email, and never in person or over the phone. Always meet in person or talk on the phone. You’ll have a much lower chance of being swindled!


10 || Don’t Ghost Them

Always be open with your cinematographer! Even if you ask about pricing and don’t want to book with them in the end, just let them know!


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