1 || Do Morning Prep Near a Window

The first thing I do before I even start filming is moving the bride near the largest window I can find! Good light is such an important part of a Visionary Weddings film. Not only does it make you look AMAZING, but it also adds mood and makes your film look more cinematic.


2 || Do Hair First, Then Makeup

When we film bride prep, we usually film the details first, such as the dress, flowers, jewelry, etc. After that, we film the last quarter(ish) of the prep. We find it always looks best if you have your hair done first, so when we film the last part of your makeup application, you look like a million bucks!

3 || Don’t Do Speeches & Cake Cutting Against A Wall

If your venue positions the speeches podium and cake in front of a wall, always ask if you can move them away from the wall. For speeches, it looks amazing if you have your speech givers in the middle of the dance floor and facing the new married couple. This will make your video (and your photos) look so cinematic! It also helps calm your speakers because they won’t be facing the audience.

4 || Read Notes/Cards

For video, audio plays a more significant role than photography, and reading out a little note or card from your soon to be husband or wife can bring out all the feels! It’s a sure way to make your film even more timeless.

5 || Space Out Events

Coming up with a timeline is one of the biggest hurdles in planning your wedding day. If possible, leave some time between the morning prep and ceremony so your vendors have some setup time! It’ll also stop your day from feeling rushed and hurried.

 6 || Don’t Do Speeches & Dinner At The Same Time

We vendors are usually pretty good about eating snacks and drinking water throughout the day. But we’re usually starving by dinner time, and guests usually find dinner during speeches distracting, which can make people not pay attention to the speakers.