mentorships are currently OPEN

Mentorships Available For Wedding Filmmakers:
Film Critiques · Sales Processes · Pricing Your Work · Website Critiques · editing workflow · Audio Recording Methods · Colour Grading · Vendor Relationships

1 Hour Zoom Mentorship || $249
2 Hour Zoom Mentorship || $349
Film Critique || $175 Per Film

My 1-on-1 mentorships cover everything from starting up your own business, to best practises for recording footage and audio, film critiques, and everything in between. Perfect for wedding filmmakers who are just starting their business journey, or those who are a few years into it.

Film critiques are available as private video links, where I watch your film and provide feedback via a private video.

10+ years in the wedding filmmaker industry has provided me with so much knowledge, and I'd love to pass that knowledge on to other wedding filmmakers in the industry.

Feel free to fill out my contact form and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours with a Zoom call link.