Cinematographer, editor and filmmaker.

Ethan filmed his first wedding all the way back in 2014. Since then, he's developed a passion for telling genuine and authentic love stories that are unique to every couple. 

His approach is to put your love story front and center and move any distractions to the wayside. His goal is to make a film that will not look outdated in 10, 30, or 50 years. With a combination of Ethans iconic cinematography and audio from the day, he crafts your one-of-a-kind family heirloom into something that never loses value.

Hello! I'm Ethan

I’ve been with Von, the love of my life, since 2016 and it’s been the adventure of a lifetime! We’re both introverts, love the mountains, and love going to the cinema, even though our taste in movies can be total opposites. Raman is our go-to food when out on the town, and we will totally steal a bit of each others food when the other isn't looking.

He tries his best to teach me Tagalog, but I can’t roll my R’s so it’s slightly challenging. But I’ve managed to memorize my first phrase: gusto ko ng mata at ngiti niya!

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"If you are needing a sign or deciding factor of whether you should work with Ethan and Visionary Weddings, this is it!
He is a 10/10 across the board!"


"Ethan was very easy to work with from the moment we first talked. I really appreciated the dedication to ensuring our weddings unique characteristics were highlighted. He worked amazingly with the other vendors and was a delight to the guests."

Mackenzie + Marc | 2022

“Ethan was so amazing to work with as videographer for our wedding. He was incredibly patient and made sure to capture all the special moments of our day...He perfectly captured how we wanted to remember our wedding day and I would highly recommend him to anyone!”

Monica + David | 2021

What My Past Couples Have To Say.

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