Emily and Alvin both went to the same school and first met each other in junior high. But at the time, they never hung out as they had separate friend groups. It wasn’t until Grade 11 when they started to become very close friends. Specifically, it was immediately after a Social Studies exam when Alvin, being the keener that he is; wanted to find out what he got on his exam and Emily happened to be around. Her competitiveness couldn’t stop her from starting a conversation with Alvin to find out if she did better on the exam (she did not).

Emily and Alvin had the first day one of their wedding at their parents houses were they had door games, tea ceremonies, and delicious food. The second day, the wedding day, was hosted at the stunning Obsidian Ridge just outside of Edmonton. They exchanged private vows before their ceremony and their reception was hosted in Obsidian Ridges beautiful transparent tent. Watch their trailer below:

Videographer || Visionary Weddings

Wedding Day Photographer || Aly Romain

Tea Ceremony Photographer || Natalee Faith

Venue || Obsidian Ridge

Hair & Makeup || Bethany Earl Makeup

Dress || Delica Bridal

DJ || Market Sound Entertainment