So you’re on the hunt for an outdoor venue in Edmonton, exciting! There’s a lot of excellent spots in the city, each with their own pros and cons. Regardless of which venue you choose, I’ve created a helpful guide on things to look for when deciding your outdoor ceremony venue.

1 || Be Mindful Of Fountains Nearby

Sometimes sources of noise, like a larger fountain, can stop your guests from hearing your speaking clearly. Especially if the fountain or source of noise is closer to your guests than to you. It can also impact the audio recorded by your videographer.


2 || Have A Speaker System

If your guests are further away from you and there’s some sources of noise nearby, a speaker and mic system is always a must! Not only will your guests be able to hear you, your videographer can plug in to the speakers and get clean audio of your vows. Most microphones only record what’s very close to them, and doesn’t pick up other pesky audio!


3 || Take Note Of Where The Sun Will Be

Outdoor ceremonies are truly amazing, but the position of the sun at the ceremony time can make looking at your soon-to-be-spouse kinda painful. On top of that, depending on the venue setup, sometimes one person can be in the sun and one will be in shade. This makes it hard for your photographer/videographer to properly expose their shots to show the both of you in the proper light. Shaded spots are always perfect for video and photos, but as long as you’re not blinded looking at your new spouse, it’s all good!


4 || Be On Time

Your friends and guests do absolutely love you and want to witness your love for each other, but just be sure to start on time so they’re not waiting too long in the sun!


5 || Avoid Flying Drones 

Some videographers, or friends of the couple, will fly a drone during the ceremony to get that ‘Money Shot”. While it may look cool, they’re still quite loud, even when considerably high in the air. This can result in buzzing in the videographers mics that they put on the groom and/or wedding officiant and makes it harder to get crystal clear audio for your film. Drones are pretty much ok any other time of the day!


6 || Have A Backup Location In Case Of Rain

Although rain on your wedding day may be good luck, it’s not fun having to deal with it. Make sure your venue can provide a backup location or tent just incase there’s some unexpected rain.

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