So your wedding is coming up soon, that’s exciting! Your best friends and parents are nervous, but excited to get their speeches written for the reception. Google is a good place to start for looking at how to write a wedding speech, but a lot of it can be cheesy or quite overused.

After having filmed weddings since 2014 and witnessing many speeches, I’ve come up with a way to to make your speeches interesting, authentic, and also have them be able to add narrative to your wedding film.

1 || Do Not “Wing It”

Although you may have a good idea of what you’ll say, it usually never comes out quite as smoothly as you’d like. It’s also not ideal for your wedding film if the speeches have an “um” and “uh” every couple seconds. Practicing in front of a mirror or with a friend can help very much.

2 || Include How The Couple Met

Everyone loves hearing how a newlywed couple met! This is usually when the listeners can start to cry (including me). It’s also a very good for adding to your wedding film. It gives the people who weren’t able to be at the wedding a beautiful way of still hearing about how the couple met.

3 || Keep Your Speech Between 2 to 6 Minutes

Short and sweet is a good rule of thumb for each speech. It’s enough time to congratulate the new couple and tell a few stories or anecdotes about either couple. Parents obviously can take longer!

4 || Hold The Microphone Close To Your Mouth

This helps get a much fuller sound out to the room, and will help the audio sound amazing for your speeches film.

5 || Avoid Overused Anecdotes & Stories

There are some speech examples that show up straight away on Google. Some of them might include: “This is the last time you’ll have the upper hand” or “You’re so handsome, humble, and…I can’t read your handwriting”. But if these jokes fit your personality, go for it!

6 || The Parents First Impressions Of Their Child’s Significant Other

This could also be an opportunity to sneak a little humour into a speech. The guests who are parents will find this especially relatable.

7 || Don’t Use Your Phone To Read Off Of

This one might be controversial, but if your reception venue is darker and more moody, having a phone screen light up the speakers will make them look out of place. Usually videographers and photographers have their own lighting that they bring, and any extra bright lights can throw that off. So write your speeches down on paper if possible.

8 || Any Funny Story About Either The Couple Or Them Individually

Speeches shouldn’t be a roast, but any funny story about either person will be perfect.