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Congratulations on getting engaged! The next little while is going to be exciting, wild, and maybe a little hectic. But it will be alright in the end. Most brides start looking for photographers almost right away, and that’s awesome! Photographers are a must for every wedding, it’s a great way to reflect on and reminisce about your special day. One vender that gets significantly over looked is a wedding videographer. Wedding videography is still a fairly new option for weddings, but most brides don’t realize just how necessary it is and how it can be utilized by the right person to make a beautiful film of your whole day. 

One thing I constantly hear from brides and grooms is that the whole day just flies by, and that they forget most of what happens during the day. This includes what happened during the ceremony, all the funny talk that happens between the bridal party, and a lot of what was said at the speeches. A wedding film by Visionary Weddings would capture all of this!

So without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you need a wedding videographer.


Edmonton Wedding Videographer

#1 Audio

You can hear what happened on your wedding day! Everything from your vows to the heartfelt speeches. It adds another layer of emotion that photos alone can’t convey. Imagine your vows played over footage of the first dances or during formals. And with a Video Guest Book, you can hear all the best wishes from family and friends!


Edmonton Wedding Videographer, Hotel Macdonald

#2 More Emotions

Video is the ideal way to create emotions. With a combination of music, audio, and editing, Visionary Weddings can craft an emotional film that you will never get tired of watching!


Edmonton wedding videographer

#3 You’re a Star For a Day!

You get your own film! It’s like a big giant selfie! A big giant wedding selfie! Visionary Weddings will film your whole day, from start to finish, and make sure your entire day is documented in a cinematic and emotional way. You and your new parter are the subject and my job is to make you look fabulous and natural.


Edmonton Wedding Cinematographer

#4 See What You Didn’t Get a Chance to See

Do you wonder what your partner was doing on the morning of your special day? What your mum and dad where doing? A wedding film can show what was going on behind the scenes and open up a whole new world! Whether it’s a slick move on the dance floor or a sweet moment between the parents, a wedding film by Visionary Weddings will capture it all!



#5 Most Couples Regret Not Having It


The only regret I have about our wedding is not having a videographer. The day goes by so quickly—you really miss so much of it. I look back now and wish I would have spent the money for it.

— Vikki2pay, The Knot

One of the biggest regrets is not having a wedding film made. Something like 98% of brides regret not having a wedding film made by either an amature, student, or a professional. At Visionary Weddings, I make sure to get the very best footage, filmed and edited in a creative and enduring way. No more shaky footage or uninspiring music. Visionary Weddings is a must have to make your special day truly memorable!